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Empire: Four Kingdoms – medieval MMO hack cheats android ios download



Empire: Four Kingdoms – medieval MMO hack cheats android ios download

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a mobile browser port social strategy title Goodgame Empire, which made its debut in the autumn of 2012. As with the original, we are dealing here with the work of the German Goodgame Studios. This production is based on a model free of micropayments dedicated to mobile devices with iOS.

Fun start as the owner of the castle ruins, surrounded by a palisade. The game is played in real time and is mainly based on the development of the city – slowly enlarging them with other buildings and improvements (previously gathered enough raw materials), which opens up more options and possibilities. They are particularly important structures for the recruitment of troops (there is a few dozen types of units), as the game takes place not only on the city, but also on the map of the entire region. Our agglomeration has so neighbors in the form of other players, which can form alliances or wage wars. With advances – expressing the prosperity of our headquarters and successful conquests – we reach the levels that allow us to move to the next lands. There we start building the power again, but each time we have to deal with other conditions and cities.

Empire: Four Kingdoms iOS has a relatively attractive, drawing artwork in two dimensions.

Given the prevailing tendency recently to carry the biggest hits of browser screens on mobile devices was only a matter of time before one of the most popular “browserówek” Goodgame Empire to join such productions as tribes, Grepolis is Forge of Empires studio InnoGames. The problem, however, is that the social strategies of free-to-play is one of the fastest growing genres of mobile games and both iTunes and Google Play similar production can find a whole lot. Are we counting a few years hit is able to gain re hearts of players, moving from Web browsers on smarftonów touch screens and tablets?

The title game would seem to suggest that the authors went a step further than the competition and served to mobile gamers a completely new (or at least heavily tweaked) product. Nothing could be further from the truth. Empire: Four Kingdoms in almost all respects is identical with its browser-based version. So in addition to all the advantages of the game, which contributed to its unprecedented popularity, it carries a mobile device all of its flaws. And among them comes to the fore quite expensive interior shop, introducing significant disparities between players investing real cash and those who seek only a simple free entertainment.

In terms of the mechanics it is fairly typical. We play as a medieval ruler, whose role is to take care of his subjects, and expand economic and military power of the kingdom in such a way that it was able to check in confrontation with other players. An important element of this play is so, of course, not only fight, but also the entire diplomatic sphere – that is, working with thousands of other players with whom we trade, conspire, enter into alliances and wage war. The whole has been depicted in a fun, cartoonish graphic design, and deserves particular attention in pretty good optimization game you pleasantly game not only tablets, but also on the small screens of mobile devices.

Despite some duplication of need so but honestly admit that the game Goodgame studios proudly represents its genre, offering a quite extensive mechanics and a lot of possibilities, the mastery of which can take some time beginners. The more it is worth to appreciate the gesture developers, made in the direction of “newbies” and allows for a quiet read the secrets of the game before sailing on the water. And I do not mean extensive tutorial, which in this type of games already seemed perfectly natural. Starting play in the Empire: Four Kingdoms week we are protected from attacks by other players and we can use this time to conclude the appropriate alliances and the development of the economy and the army, at least enough to make it difficult to attack other players.

In summary, if the words “Social strategy of free-to-play” does not resonate in you have an allergic reaction to the production studio Goodgame can spend quite pleasant moments, because it’s certainly one of the most powerful representatives of their species. All this, of course, provided that you do not have too high ambitions of conquest of the world game. Otherwise, apart from the desire to need you will have quite a rich portfolio, because without this it is difficult even to dream of success in the Empire: Four Kingdoms.


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