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Forge Of Empires Hack Cheat Android IOS


Forge of Empires is a production of the German InnoGames studio specializing in the creation of browser games. The company has to his credit including items such as Tribal Wars, The West and Grepolis.

The main objective is to develop fun entrusted to us the city in a powerful and well-functioning metropolis. So we have to erect buildings, develop new technologies, gather resources and make money. At the same time take care of the residents’ satisfaction, and create a strong army capable of repelling any attack and to carry out the expansion of the surrounding areas.

Title extends temporarily in several historical eras. Sport start from the earliest years, which is the Stone Age, then move on to the next including, inter alia, bronze and iron. Each historical periods introduces a number of new technological solutions in various fields. The functioning of our city refine among other things, by the development of wood and stone, or the invention of pottery or advanced military strategy.

During the game, we can move the view of the city on the map of the entire region. It is here that we make decisions related to the expansion of the neighboring provinces. The fight itself takes place in turn-based system on a board covered with hexes. Like for example in the famous series of Heroes of Might & Magic move our troops and attack the enemy, then we are waiting for his movement. With the development of technology we get access to new units.

In terms of visuals authors tried to reproduce as faithfully as possible architectural styles of various eras without introducing elements of the likes of cartoonish graphics or specific to certain fantasy games cukierkowatych colors. Buildings, environment, and the characters are characterized by great care and detail execution. While the authors of the game designers have used programs such as 3D Studio Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Forge of Empires allows you to play both alone and measuring in direct combat with other players.

This hack Forge of Empires include:

Unlimited Forge Points

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Diamonds

Unlimited Supplies

How to use Forge Of Empires Hack Cheat Android IOS generator

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