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LEGO Star Wars Yoda II hack cheats android ios download


LEGO Star Wars Yoda II hack cheats android ios download

Choose your side and join the battle in the game LEGO® Star Wars ™ The New Yoda Chronicles!

Collect holocrony to defeat the enemy and take control of the galaxy in a series of fast and action-packed mini-games. Is your destiny is to dominate the galaxy with Darth Vader ™ and to be a Jedi master Yoda at his side?

• Accomplish missions ™ Yoda or Darth Vader ™ and discover your destiny
• Collect holocrony to save the galaxy or destroy once and for all Rebels
• Run, shoot, jump and fly in style in the universe LEGO® Star Wars ™
• Fight lightsaber on Kashyyyk and jump into deep chasms on Utapau
• Eliminate space destroyers, battle rover AT-AT and engage into fights in space
• The game includes 8 action-packed levels minifigure and 4 epic game Space Battles
• The game contains 24 legendary figures LEGO® Star Wars ™ minifigure and over 12 amazing vehicles
• Sign in using LEGO ID on LEGO.COM/StarWars, and your victory will count
• Soon there will be 4 NEW levels minifigure and 2 NEW game Starship Battles

May the force be with you!

This hack LEGO Star Wars Yoda II include:

Unlock all items

Unlimited Gold

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