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Tibia Hack Cheat & OTS Hacker


Tibia Hack Cheat (OTS Hacker) [Get Crystal Coins/Premium Account (Tibia Coins)/Full EQ/God Speed Char]




Welcome all today on my blog. I am convinced that the application which you will now introduce to you a very useful because I know that you play Tibia. You need crystal coins and premium account. Tibia Hack Cheat works on real tibia but also on all other servers. Just that you enter the IP address of the server and the app will work for him. Tibia Hacker is equipped with all the most important security features which make that its use is safe. Generate an easy and fast way to backpack of crystal coins , or coins tibia and add a pacc (premium account ). Your character can run like a god tibia. Like GM tibia. It is fast way to generate it and easy to use software.  Play faster harder and better than the rest players. Kill others make fun level and skills .

Tibia Hack Cheat Features:

  • Generate Unlimited Crystal Coins (Backpack Of Crystal Coins)
  • Get Premium Account (Tibia Coins Generator)
  • Unlock Character God Speed (Full Speed)
  • Add to your account Full EQ. Full tibia equipment.
  • All security options: anti-ban system, log clean script and anonymouse proxy connection
  • Software updates (weekly)
  • Connection with Real Tibia, and all Open Tibia Servers (OTS)
  • No need to enter any passwords, no hack your account only account name or your nickname in tibia

How to use Tibia Hack Cheat software?

Download Tibia Hack Cheat.rar and unpack and open Tibia Hack software. Select Real Tibia or Open Tibia Server. If you choose Open Tibia Server (OTS) Enter IP address of this ots. Then, select your hack features and enter number of items to generate. Crystal Coins (1 backpack maximum) 2000 crystal coins. Tibia Coins Premium Account – 250 minimum (30 days pacc). Full EQ tibia or God Full Speed Character. (Game Master Speed) . Next, start hack click and wait software is working online now. It is all. Your items should be generated.

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